Our Shared Commitment

Since 1870, steeped in Loyola University Chicago’s history and tradition is the fabric of a Catholic and Jesuit identity that focuses on advancing racial and social justice. A large portion of the work takes place from a multi-national lens dedicated to enhancing awareness, advocacy, and action-driven activities through teaching, research, and interdisciplinary practitioner modalities. While we have advanced, there are opportunities to strengthen our collective institutional commitment to building a truly inclusive and equitable environment. This includes fostering, promoting, and sustaining rigorous learning and development experiences that not only inspires and promotes academic and professional achievement but also reflects an encouraging and welcoming University experience for our global and diverse community.   

Our goal with this work is to establish the equitable environment and conditions for the Loyola community to thrive as valued and vital participants for the University’s egalitarian objectives for everyone.    

Here are some of the ways we are working towards our goal:  

  • Increasing timely and comprehensive diversity-related communications 
  • Deepening the sense of belonging among Loyola’s diverse community by providing community engagement programming and initiatives for students, faculty, and staff that is designed to inspire and promote professional development and retention 
  • Increasing the number of students, faculty, staff and administrators from underrepresented groups by implementing inclusive and equitable recruitment, retention and success strategies
  • Engaging all new Loyola students in anti-racist learning and development in recognition of the shared responsibility to promote racial justice on our campus
  • Requiring inclusive hiring training for all faculty search committees and staff that participate in Loyola’s hiring process
  • Listening to – and acting upon – the findings of our Institutional Examen that highlights strengths and opportunities for faculty and staff in the diversity space
  • Launching Loyola’s Institute for Racial Justice, a first of its kind at a Jesuit University, with a focus on implementation of a transdisciplinary center for research and education around racism and racial disparity in our society
  • Bringing together the university community to address systematic inequities through Loyola’s Anti-Racism Initiative
  • Promoting a culture of inclusion, safety, and accessibility by implementing equitable and person-centered policies, coordinating impartial and reliable investigations, and providing relevant and practical training through equity and compliance efforts