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Beginning the week of July 31, 2017, thru November 13, 2017, a number of university communications regarding the Climate Survey project will be provided via various university approved communication channels, including:
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Between August and November (2017), a series of communications are scheduled for distribution to Loyola community members via multiple listservs, including Inside Loyola. An example of one of the electronic communications appears below.


Weeks of August 7, 14, 21 (2017)

Attachments Included:

Week of September 5, 2017

Week of October 2, 2017

Week of October 9, 2017

Week of October 16, 2017

Week of October 23, 2017

Week of October 30, 2017

  • Office of the President Announcement (sent to faculty, staff, and students - please see below)
  • Survey invitations distributed by Willis Towers Watson on October 31, 2017

A series of communications distributed via Stritch Savvy and the Niehoff School of Nursing listserv will take place throughout the course of the project (from August thru November 2017).

Week of August 21, 2017

  • Focus Group Participation Wanted
    Impact the development of a University-wide climate survey and sign up to join a focus group


Dear Members of the Loyola Community,

We are excited to announce Loyola University Chicago’s first University-wide “Diversity and Inclusion Campus Climate Survey.”

Historically, Loyola’s colleges, schools, institutes, and administrative departments have worked to provide a variety of diversity-related initiatives to support access, representation, respect, inclusion, and acceptance. These efforts strengthen our overall cultural competency and acknowledge the importance of fostering and cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable classroom and workplace experience for our University community.

Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of Loyola’s mission and work. The survey will provide better understanding about the current climate and identify opportunities for improvement. Loyola has partnered with Willis Towers Watson, a leading survey research company, to administer our campus climate survey. The survey audience includes all faculty, staff, and students. The goal is to get feedback regarding personal diversity-related experiences throughout our Loyola community.

The Diversity and Inclusion Campus Climate Survey will open on October 31 and close on November 17. In preparation for the survey, focus group sessions were conducted with faculty, staff, student, and University leadership groups to create a campus dialogue and to gather insight about campus diversity and inclusion experiences. Benchmark survey questions are included to compare our responses to other schools within other colleges and universities.

Survey results will be shared with the University community in January 2018. Results will provide action-focused outcomes as a part of Loyola’s continued efforts to naturally incorporate diversity, inclusion, and equity practices into the University’s Jesuit culture of acceptance, difference, and humble inquiry. Action planning teams will analyze the survey results to see what’s working well at Loyola in the area of diversity and inclusion and where we need to improve. These teams will lead the development of action plans.

Tomorrow you will receive an e-mail with a link to the survey. Our goal is 100 percent participation. This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard, and your participation is strongly encouraged.

Several incentives are included to inspire participation and some friendly competition:

  • The first department made up of less than 50 faculty and staff members to complete the survey during the first week will win a pizza party.
  • The first department made up of 51–125 faculty and staff members to complete the survey first by week two will receive a pizza party.
  • Twenty-five randomly selected student survey respondents will be chosen to receive a special gift card on the initial survey launch date.
  • Once the survey window has closed, 100 randomly selected student survey respondents will be chosen to win a special prize.
  • Should you have questions about the campus climate survey project, please feel free to email climatesurvey@luc.edu.

We encourage you to participate in the survey so that together we can foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus community.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD

Winifred L. Williams, PhD
Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer