Loyola University Chicago

Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

Community Guidelines

Loyola University Chicago’s Climate Survey project is designed to measure attitudes, perceptions, and behavior toward different perspectives, lived experiences, and identities. Each focus group is coordinated to ensure that feedback, and insights are collected from a broad range of Loyola community members, regardless of position, title, or rank. By design, a climate survey serves to explore any correlation or connection(s) that exist between interactions taking place at an institution, and the social identities or “protected class” of its members. 

Focus groups reflect diverse faculty, staff, and student participation. Volunteers represent different backgrounds, including functional units, academic experiences, community involvement, and international exposure. Focus group discussions may reflect participant’s experiences as they relate to personal intersecting roles, including teaching, mentoring, student engagement, and/or workplace experiences. 

As we work engage in focus group discussions, please remember: 

  • Be conscious of body language and nonverbal responses
  • Be considerate
  • Be engaged and present
  • Be mindful of making judgment
  • Challenge yourself to take risks
  • Demonstrate respect for self and others
  • Differing opinions may be expressed. Engage in questions to understand and learn personal opinions, experiences, characters
  • Incorporate humble inquiry (i.e. gently ask “probing” or follow-up questions)
  • Maintain confidentiality (share the lesson not the names of people in the story)
  • Speak from your own experience and perspective (Use “I” statements)
  • Stay on topic

While this list in not exhaustive, the information is intended to help participants feel comfortable with engaging in discussions about sensitive topics or ideas that may be presented throughout the focus group experience.

Should a focus group participant feel uncomfortable with a question or comment, they reserve the right to abstain from answering and/or commenting.

The identity of all focus group participants, including discussions, will be kept strictly confidential. Feedback from focus group discussions will be reported only in an anonymous and theme-focused format. In addition, abundant caution will be taken to protect both the confidentiality and anonymity of all focus group participants. Discussions held will not be shared with anyone outside of the focus group. 

Survey Design
Willis Towers Watson will utilize focus group feedback to draft the Climate Survey, which is scheduled for release during the last week of October. 

For additional questions about the Climate Survey project, please email climatesurvey@luc.edu.