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Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES)


LUCES Mission

LUCES is an inter-generational community that serves undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Loyola University Chicago to support one another’s experience as a Woman of Color (WOC) at a predominately White institution.  LUCES provides a space for WOC to cultivate Sistership, Scholarship, and Leadership.  Through programming we build a community that focuses on academic success, self-reflection, identity development, and celebrating the cultural influences that shape our lives. 

Program Vision

  • LUCES sisters will build SISTERSHIP by creating a community of support through dialogue, validation, and celebration of life experiences.
  • LUCES sisters will build SCHOLARSHIP through empowering women to embrace their academic and personal potential inside and outside of the classroom with the support of staff, faculty and alumni.
  • LUCES sisters will build LEADERSHIP  by creating opportunities for WOC to enhance their leadership potential

Connect with LUCES Today!

Our community of amazing women at Loyola have created a vibrant online community via Facebook.  Please join the LUCES Facebook page to post videos and articles, discuss you perspective on current events, or shout out your sisters. Additionally, join LUCES on OrgSync by clicking here. Finally, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay informed about our upcoming programs, community resources, and social events by clicking here
For more information about LUCES, please contact Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at 773.508.3909.