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Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

Signature Training Series

Are you interested in taking a diversity and inclusion focused course, or a collection of classes, designed to provide you with skills and competencies in the areas of leadership, management, and/or personal development? The Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion's Education, Development, and Awareness committee is excited to bring to you a series of training opportunities each month. 

Diverse backgrounds (i.e. cultural experiences) and learning styles have a direct impact on scholarship, culture, and sociological developments amongst peers in both the classroom and/or workplace. Each month, complimentary on-demand Hoonuit courses will be utilized to learn best practices regarding how to support diverse learners in the classroom and workplace. 

  • Loyola faculty, staff, and students can login with your university credentials in order to access Atomic Learning.
  • Atomic Learning's on-demand courses range from 1 - 5 minutes in length.

*Archived course information is available from the menu located on the left.

Spring 2018 - Leadership Strategies

Over the Spring 2018 semester, a number of Hoonuit courses providing various leadership strategies will appear here.

Leadership Styles
Visit Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) to view the training series, Leadership Styles. 28 course sections will appear. After completing the training series, participants will:
  • Discuss several leadership styles; explain how they interact with employees, how they communicate within the organization, and in what situations they might be likely to succeed.
  • Describe which styles are most conducive to team culture; explain how they support collaboration.
  • Summarize trends that are changing leadership.
  • Analyze your own personality traits and leadership skills.
  • Develop a strategy for upgrading your leadership skills and creating an effective leadership style.

Learn more about the course materials:

  1. Getting Started (<3 minutes)
  2. Leadership Theories (<12 minutes)
  3. Goleman's Six Leadership Styles (<9 minutes)
  4. Dominance and Prestige (<10 minutes)
  5. Team-Based Leadership (<5 minutes)
  6.  Leadership Strategies for Women (<4 minutes)
  7.  New Leadership Styles (<5 minutes)
  8.  Learning Leadership (<7 minutes)
  9.  Resources
Strategic Leadership: Beliefs, Mission and Vision (2nd Ed)
Visit Hoonuit to view the training series, Strategic Leadership: Beliefs, Mission and Vision (2nd Ed). 2 course sections will appear. After completing the training series, participants will:
  • Examine the steps involved in strategic planning.
  • Analyze the research supporting the need for clearly defined beliefs and vision and mission statements.
  • Describe the differences between a mission statement and a vision statement.
  • Define the purposes of having clearly defined organizational beliefs and vision and mission statements.
  • Demonstrate techniques used to help work through the difficult process of identifying the vision and mission of an organization.
  • Write and evaluate vision statements using core criteria.
  • Evaluate practices to determine if there is a link between why and how a task is done and the organization’s vision and mission.

Learn more about the course materials:

  • Getting Started (<51minutes)
  • Resources

*After logging into Hoonuit, use the Search field in order to search for the above courses. The search results list will include the course information.