Loyola University Chicago

Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

Archived Courses

Visit Hoonuit to view the training series, Supporting Diverse Learners. 17 courses will appear. After completing the training series, participants will:
  • Learn more about how opportunity gaps and its impact on scholarship readiness
  • Learn a myriad of strategies you can implement in the classroom and/or workplace to help students and employees from diverse backgrounds (i.e. nationality) succeed
  • Learn more about how to engage and support metacognitive thinking amongst learners. Independence helps individuals understand how they relate to various context, including the ability to adapt, etc.

Getting Started 

  • What you'll learn in this module (Duration: 00:51)
  • Focus on teacher attitudes, beliefs and practices (Duration: 01:26)
  • Facts and statistics - race (Duration: 02:30)
  • ELL definition and prevalence (Duration: 00:59)

Supporting Racially and Culturally Diverse Learners

  • What is the Opportunity Gap? (Duration: 01:42)
  • High expectations for all learners (Duration: 02:10)
  • Culturally relevant instruction (Duration: 01:08)
  • Cooperative learning opportunities (Duration: 00:54)
  • Learn about the cultural norms of the students you serve (Duration: 01:55)
  • Teaching metacognitive thinking (Duration: 00:50)
  • Building relationships (Duration: 01:19)
  • Involve the community (Duration: 02:11)
  • Understanding your own culture and identity (Duration: 01:00) 
  • Task meaning and relevance (Duration: 01:08)
  • Using the backgrounds and experiences of your learners (Duration: 01:01)
  • Help families navigate the system (Duration: 01:32)
  • Overcome stereotypes (Duration: 00:55)

Visit Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) in order to view the training series, How to Build an Effective Leadership Team. 22 courses will appear. After completing the training series, participants will:

  • Learn more about shared leadership
  • How various "lens of experiences" impacts our assumptions, values, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Learn more about how to reflect on information, including recognizing how failure can prevent future problems from occurring
  • Helpful meeting templates leaders can utilize as part of an organizational strategy to prep for team success 


  • Why are leadership teams important? (Duration: 01:29)
  • What role should a leadership team play? (Duration: 01:39) 

The Foundation

  • Diverse group (well represented with the "questioner")
    (Duration: 02:46)
  • Norms, roles, and agendas - yes you need them
    (Duration: 03:10)
  • Transparent communication
    (Duration: 01:54)
  • Shared leadership
    (Duration: 01:30)  

Strategies to Strengthen Your Team

  • Lens of experience (Duration: 01:17)
  • Shared Mental Model (Duration: 01:58)
  • Problem solving strategies - Rule of 3 (Duration: 01:10)
  • Reflective listening (Duration: 01:24)
  • Failing forward (Duration: 01:19)
  • Just try it (Duration: 01:24)
  • Evaluation (Duration: 01:49)
  • Goal setting - SMART Goals (Duration: 01:29)
  • Rule of thumb (Duration: 01:26)
  • Awfulizing (Duration: 01:22)
  • Trust is the foundation of a strong team (Duration: 01:48) 

Presenting This to Your Team

  • The PLC connection (Duration: 01:44)
  • Team builder exercises with connections (Duration: 02:35)
  • One at a time (Duration: 02:12) 


  • Leadership team agenda template

  • Meeting norms template