Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Dean of Students

Division of Student Development

Critical Information Regarding Gender-Based Violence

The following is critical (and some time-sensitive) information for survivors of sexual assault or other forms of gender-based violence.

Right to Report

Any student who has experienced gender-based misconduct (including but not limited to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking) has a right to report the incident to Loyola, law enforcement (CPD), both, or neither. If the student wishes to report confidentially (without triggering any additional outreach or action) they should contact one of the following resources:

Any report received by other faculty or staff will be directed to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator, and will still be considered private and sensitive.

Anyone can file a report to Loyola here.

Right to Assistance

Any student who would like assistance notifying law enforcement or accessing and navigating campus and local health and mental health services, counseling, and advocacy services, may contact any of the campus resources listed below and assistance will be provided. The primary points of contact for students are Samantha Maher Sheahan (smaher1@luc.edu), Associate Dean of Students & Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and McKenna Rogan (mrogan2@luc.edu), Violence Prevention & Advocacy Specialist in the Wellness Center.

Right to Supportive Measures

Any student who has experienced gender-based misconduct may request reasonable accommodations and/or interim protective measures through the Office of the Dean of Students or through the Wellness Center Sexual Assault Advocates. Such measures may include but are not limited to:

  • Temporary No Contact Directive (prevents a fellow Loyola student from contacting you)

  • Accommodations to ensure safe access to academic, housing, dining, work, or transportation needs

  • Assistance with academics including faculty notifications

  • Limited assistance with legal, visa, and immigration issues (upon request)

Resources and Contact Information

Medical and Mental Health (available regardless of whether or not you engage the complaint process or report to law enforcement):

  • The Line at Loyola: 773-494-3810

    • Resources and Support for Sexual and Relationship Violence (confidential; can assist with accommodations)

    • Confidential Advisor/Advocate: McKenna Rogan, Violence Prevention & Advocacy Specialist (mrogan2@luc.edu)

  • Loyola University Chicago Wellness Center (confidential counseling and medical): 773-508-8883

  • Greenlight Counseling (confidential counseling for sexual assault): 773-728-7800; 800-572-2390

  • Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline: 888-293-2080

  • Resilience (confidential community-based resource): 312-443-9603

  • Supported Medical Facilities 

    • The following facilities are recommended if pursuing a sexual assault nurse’s examination (“rape kit” or “evidence collection kit”); ask for a “victim’s advocate” upon check-in; note that the exam/kit must be obtained within 7 days of an assault, and certain medical support is only available in the first 72 hours.

Law Enforcement (assistance notifying law enforcement is available)

  • Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Campus Safety: 773-508-SAFE (773-508-7233)

  • Nearest Police Departments (you can always call 911 as well)

    • LSC: Chicago Police (24th District): 312-744-5907 (6464 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60626)

    • WTC: Chicago Police (18th District): 312-742-5870 (1160 N. Larrabee St., Chicago, IL 60610)

    • HSD: Cook County Sheriff’s Police: 708-865-4700 (1401 S. Maybrook Dr., Maywood, IL 60153)


  • Circuit Court of Cook County (to request a legal Order of Protection): 312-325-9006 or 312-325-9037 (located at 555 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL 60607) (*Loyola’s Campus Safety can escort you, but cannot provide legal advice.)

Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

  • Title Coordinator: Timothy Love, J.D., Executive Director, Office for Equity and Compliance: 773-508-3733 (tlove@luc.edu)

  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students: Samantha Maher Sheahan, Associate Dean of Students: 773-508-8840