Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

2015 Award Citation

Research Methodology Program
Distinguished Alumna Award

Amanda Mulcahy, PhD, 2005

Dr. Mulcahy coordinates the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, which includes faculty and staff working on course, program and college wide assessments at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Mulcahy is responsible for providing the university administration with data that supports institutional planning, policy development and informed decision making to enhance institutional effectiveness and promoting student learning and assessment for continuous improvement of pedagogy, curriculum, and instruction.

Another important role she serves is the Chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at her institute. In this role, she is responsible for reviewing the ethical issues related to all the research that is conducted by students, staff, and faculty at Concordia.

With the heavy teaching and service roles, Dr. Mulcahy still keeps her research going and presents in local and nationwide conferences. She participated in two grants funded by National Science Foundation, in which she served as an evaluator. Her evaluation work has appeared in Journal of Work Based Learning and Multicultural Perspectives.

For the past years, Dr. Mulcahy has served many students who have needs for research methodology as well as utilized her knowledge to improve the quality of research. We believe she fulfills the social justice mission of our School through her significant work in her institute and through her research.

Dr. Mulcahy currently Director of Academic Research and Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois.