Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

2014 Award Citation

Teaching and Learning Program
Distinguished Alumna Award

Beth Burkhart, MEd 2005

Intelligent, creative, and diligent, Beth Burkhart possesses all the talents we hope our teaching candidates will one day exhibit.  She is a teacher, learner and leader of extraordinary stature and rightfully deserving of the Distinguished Alumni Award.

To know Mrs. Burkhart is to be motivated by her.  Upon entering her seventh grade classroom at Goudy Elementary you find yourself in an environment where learning comes alive.  When class begins you immediately observe that this teacher is committed to students and their learning: all of her students in this racially, linguistically, and ability diverse classroom.   Students are at the center of this classroom where they are skillfully directed to experience the content and take pride in their ability.

Mrs. Burkhart was recently awarded National Board Certification.  This symbol of teaching excellence is achieved through a rigorous performance-based assessment that documents their subject matter knowledge, provides evidence of effective teaching and measured student learning.   This professional achievement is a testament to Mrs. Burkhart’s talents and determination.

When Loyola approached Goudy Elementary to be one of the partner schools for the Chicago Teacher Partnership Program (CTPP) Grant, Beth stepped forward and volunteered to coordinate grant initiatives at the school as the CTPP Teacher Liaison.  As the Teacher Liaison, Beth organized a teacher book club for the Goudy teachers using the text. Mathematics Formative Assessment: 75 Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning.  She has worked with the assistant principal on placement of our teacher candidates at the school and has provided support and mentoring for the Goudy teachers who hosted CTPP Candidates.  When the time came for the first CTPP Candidates to participate in a one year internship, again it was Mrs. Burkhart that stepped forward to host a candidate in the 2013/2014 school year.  She has also, recruited the Goudy teachers to attend CTPP professional development sessions.

Beth Burkhart began teaching this fall at Loyola as an adjunct professor in Sequence 7 of the teacher preparation redesign. When asked, she accepted with alacrity and busied herself studying the curriculum and visiting summer classes taught by LUC faculty to familiarize herself with subtle differences of teaching at the college level.  This is demonstrative of her passion and desire to be the best teacher she can be.

Her personal qualities are as impressive as her professional accomplishments.  She is friendly, cheerful, outgoing, and displays natural charm and charisma.  I see the hand of Beth Burkhart touching and directing the creativity and innovation that is taking place in the classroom and building.   I urge your sincerest consideration of Mrs. Burkhart: a consummate professional.