Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Job Description

Academic Coach

Academic Coaches make a year-long commitment of regular academic support and relationship building with urban high school students who voluntarily come to their high school for homework support on Saturday mornings.

The Academic Coaching commitment includes attendance at all scheduled study sessions (3-4 Saturdays a month, 3 hours per session), weekly prep time, 16-20 hours of professional development and team training before and throughout the school year, 3 written reflections and an exit interview.


  • Attend ALL Saturday study sessions held at your assigned high school
  • Be prepared to actively interact with high school students EARLY on Sat. A.M.
  • Facilitate academic support with a small group of students. Work to understand students’ individual needs and academic issues while maintaining a team atmosphere
  • Empower your students to succeed academically!
  • Utilize program resources provided weekly – content & developmental support
  • Collect data required at each study session
  • Communicate regularly with program office – RESPOND to emails, relay concerns, share successes, and guide the evolving program work!
  • Actively participate in all professional development and team training sessions


  • Dress appropriately; be mindful that what may be acceptable on a college campus is not necessarily suitable for a secondary school.
  • Be prompt. Be reliable. Model the behavior you expect from your students.
  • Respect the high school’s rules. The outreach program and coaches are guests in each school and are there through the kindness of the school’s administration.
  • Contribute constructively to the growth of the outreach project and its students.