Loyola’s Online Certificate Program for a Superintendent Endorsement was developed in partnership with the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) and an Administration and Supervision (ADSU) Advisory Board composed of active superintendents in the Chicagoland area. All members of the ADSU Advisory Board are also alumni of Loyola University of Chicago. Loyola University Chicago’s Superintendent Certificate program embraces CPED’s vision to prepare school district leaders to become well-equipped scholarly practitioners who remain steadfast stewards of the profession and meet the educational challenges of the 21st century. Our Catholic and Jesuit mission is integral to the SOE commitment to research and teaching excellence. We seek to insert ourselves on the side of the poor, the marginalized, and those seeking social justice. We are uniquely positioned to use academic and professional resources to apply critical knowledge and improvement practices to promote justice for Chicago’s educational community.  

Loyola’s Online Superintendent Endorsement is grounded in four core principles:  

  1. A commitment to partnerships with districts and communities
  2. Scholarly inquiry to advance transformative district leadership practices
  3. Support of candidate development of a critical lens to dismantle and restyle organization to provide greater access to quality schooling for all students
  4. Cultivation of candidate commitment to improving and furthering district, school, familial, and community capacities. 

LUC seeks to prepare district-level leaders to be responsive and adaptive, viewing superintendent candidates as apprentice professionals from the time they enter the program and fostering their development of reflective learning and transformative leadership skills. Because superintendent candidates are in school districts observing, learning, and honing their own skills in Chicagoland’s diverse school districts, candidates gain extensive experiences engaging with diverse populations, including diverse learners, special needs and English learners (ELs) programs. The curricula is aligned with the NELP (2018), ELCC (2011), and ISBE Standards (2016). 

We strive to purposefully dismantle traditional boundaries between institution-based and field-based scholarly work and service; to build trust and deep, lasting relationships with our partners in education; to understand that we must work not for communities but to be of those communities; working shoulder to shoulder with partners, communities and families, sharing their commitment and responsibility to address their needs, priorities, and goals from a social justice perspective. The Online Certificate in Superintendent Preparation Program is comprised of two distinct phases: Professional Inquiry and Equity Studies; and Continuous Improvement Studies:  System, Community, Self, and Reflective Practice. 

Program Requirements for ISBE Endorsement

  • 2 years of school supervisory or administrative experience and a Type 75 General Administrative or ISBE Principal Endorsement on PEL
  • Successful completion of the Superintendent Certification Exam required by ISBE
  • Study Abroad. Complete ELPS 465 – Two-week Residency course in Rome, Italy
  • Successful completion of 33 hours of required coursework at Loyola University Chicago
  • Successful completion of two (2) District-Level Internship courses with CEP Superintendent
  • Successful completion of two (2) ISBE required on-campus workshops per semester 


Courses for CERTIFICATE PROGRAM in Superintendent Preparation Program 


ONLINE Cohort – Two Saturday Workshops are required for ISBE Licensure per semester.


Admission Requirements


Interested in applying? Check out the Online - Superintendent Endorsement Certificate (Chicago) application requirements.


Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships



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Program Faculty


Program Chair & Licensure Endorsement Advisor: Dr. Siobhan Cafferty, EdD