As a principal, you'll have the opportunity to lead a school community and create programs and initiatives with a last impact on students, tackling equity issues along the way

You have the experience teaching in the classroom, now it's time to hone your leadership skills with an advanced degree in administration and supervision with principal preparation

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of our alumni pass the content exam for ISBE licensure for principal preparation


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Our commitment to you

Upon graduation with an EdD degree in administration and supervision with the principal preparation endorsement, you will possess the following knowledge, skills, and professional values necessary to be an effective, social justice-oriented, school principal.


You'll grow in knowledge of the four core principles of our program: commitment to partnerships with districts and communities, scholarly inquiry to advance transformative district leadership practices, facilitation of greater access to quality schooling for all students, and cultivation of commitment to improve and further district, school, familial, and community capacities.


You'll become an expert in tactics to positively transform schools and improve student performance. You'll learn how to facilitate data-driven decision making in your school community, and engage in tangible, real-world internship experience to put these ideas into practice.

Professional Values

You'll be transformed into a leader who promotes the success, health, and welfare of each student and adult, embracing continuous improvement through data-use, technology, values, equity, diversity, digital citizenship, and community. And, you'll be a leader equipped with the tools and strategies to address social justice and equity issues pervasive in school systems.


Program Features

  • 48 semester hours of completed coursework + 24 transfer hours from master’s degree = 72 total credit hours
  • Successful completion of capstone project under the supervision of Full-time ADSU Faculty
  • Two semesters of internship experience
  • Earn ISBE Principal Endorsement
  • Must be a practicing teacher or administrator with at least two years of work experience in your field
  • Must be continuously enrolled in program
  • Classes meet at Loyola’s Cuneo Campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-8 pm or on Saturdays from 9 am-4 pm (five times per semester)

Program Length

Most students complete the program in four years. Students take two courses per semester and are able to complete the required coursework in less than three years (including summer enrollment). The length of time for the capstone project depends upon the topic and the diligence of the student. Candidates for the Doctor of Education degree (EdD) have a maximum of seven years to complete the degree.

If students are unable to work on the degree for a period of more than one semester, they should request an official leave of absence from the program. Students who need more time to complete the degree must file for an official extension of time; the student's advisor will then recommend either a leave of absence or an extension.

Continuous Enrollments
Doctoral students in administration and supervision are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that during each semester of each academic year (excluding Summer Sessions), each student must enroll in at least one course. A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the School of Education’s Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs.

Sample Course Sequence

First Year

Fall Semester
ELPS 481: Mission Driven Leadership for Principals
ELPS 474: Development and Implementation of Curriculum and Instruction for Principals

Spring Semester
ELPS 480: Residency Seminar (No Credit)
ELPS 482: School Supervision for Principals
ELPS 483: Human Resources for Principals

Summer Session I
ELPS 484: School Law, Policy, and Community

Summer Session II
ELPS 406: Foundations Using Data for Continuous Improvement

Second Year

Fall Semester
ELPS 471: MTSS for Instructional Leaders
RMTD 420: Ed Research I: Qualitative Research Methods

Spring Semester
ELPS 461: Issues in School Law Foundations
RMTD 421: Ed Research II: Quantitative Methods

Summer Sessions I
ELPS 408: Leading for Diversity

Summer Session II
ELPS 465: Instructional Leadership: Cultural Context for Informed Decision Making (option to study abroad)

Based on the revised ISBE Principal Internships requirements, the internship will be taken twice at the end of the required courses for the Superintendent Endorsement.

Third Year

Fall Semester
CIEP 488: Action Research to Improve Teaching and Learning
ELPS 566: Principal Internship One

Spring Semester
RMTD 406: Program Evaluation
ELPS 568: Principal Internship Two

Summer Session I
ELPS 620: Capstone Research

Summer Session II
ELPS 600: Problem of Practice Capstone

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
ELPS 600: Problem of Practice Capstone Project

Spring Semester
ELPS 600: Problem of Practice Capstone Project

Summer Session I
ELPS 600: Problem of Practice Capstone Project

Summer Session II
ELPS 600: Problem of Practice Capstone Project
EdD with Principal Endorsement Program: 72 credit hours required for program completion

24 transfer credits from conferred master’s degree coursework + 33 hours of principal endorsement courses (11 courses) + 15 hours of research courses (5 courses) are required for a total of 72 credit hours for program completion.

Illinois Licensure Requirements

Candidates in all programs leading to Illinois licensure are required to pass an Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), the appropriate endorsement exam, and a State Criminal Background Check.

Admission Requirements

Interested in applying? Check out the EdD Administration and Supervision - Principal Preparation application requirements.


Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships

The School of Education and Loyola's Financial Aid Office are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their education at Loyola affordable. You can learn more on the Financial Assistance page.