Start in Chicago, Then Study Abroad


You want to make a difference in the lives of all types of students. It's part of why you chose Loyola for your own education. And you'll get inside Chicago's classrooms right away during your first year. But with the School of Education's study abroad programs, you'll also have the opportunity to learn and teach abroad, to see how students from different places and cultures experience education.


International Program Options


Undergraduate Study Abroad

Visit our Office of International Programs to learn more about opportunities to study abroad as an education major with both semester and yearlong options. Courses that fulfill School of Education requirements are offered in our international programs, as well as elective courses.

Graduate Study Abroad

The School of Education sponsors numerous courses in locations around the globe. For example, take courses at Loyola's John Felice Rome Center or in Ghana, Africa and make the most of the vast cultural resources of these world-class cities. You'll get to explore Roman or Ghanaian life, with the city becoming part of your classroom.

IES Abroad

Headquartered in Chicago, IES Abroad offers 100 study abroad programs in 36 global locations worldwide, aiming to create authentic global education and life-affirming cultural experiences.