Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Application Form & Process FAQs

There is no application fee.

By applying online, you can save your information and log in later with a username and password. Once all sections are complete, click "Submit" and the application will be immediately sent to the processing office. You also may return to the application after submission to upload additional documents.

Yes, but you may be required to submit separate applications. You should contact our enrollment advisor, Thomas Ott, at 312.915.8907 with your questions.

Applicants should list in chronological order all academic work attempted or completed, including professional schools. You must request official transcripts for all schools attended. If you neglect to list all institutions where you took courses for credit it is considered academic fraud. If you audited a class or took a class for no credit, it is not necessary to list that institution.

Yes, if you were known by a different name at some point, note that name in the appropriate place on the application.