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EdD in School Psychology


This blended program is designed for practicing school psychologists who wish to advance their careers by obtaining a doctoral degree. Upon entering the program, candidates will choose an area of specialization in one of the following tracks:

  • Mental Health track: The primary program emphasis of this track will be on developing students’ clinical skills. Moreover, students taking courses in the mental health track are well-positioned to pursue licensure as a professional counselor (LPC) in IL. Students interested in becoming an LPC should go to the IL state website to obtain the additional requirements needed to obtain the LPC.

  • Data-Based Decision-Making track: The primary program emphasis of this track will be on developing students’ ability collect and analyze school-wide data as well as developing students’ skills to become school-based leaders.

In both tracks, consistent with existing professional standards, there is an emphasis on developing candidates' ability to:  1) think systemically, 2) develop their leadership potential, 3) access and implement evidence-based practices, and 4) further one’s capacity as an agent of social justice.

Program Eligibility

Applicants to the EdD program in School Psychology must hold a valid Professional Educator License in IL or hold a school psychology license in another state and be eligible to obtain licensure as a school psychologist in IL (see Admission page for details).

Given that the program is blended (i.e., includes in-person and online courses), students must be able to attend evening class sessions several times during the fall and spring semesters on the Loyola Water Tower Campus in downtown Chicago. During the summer sessions, courses are either fully on campus or are blended with in-person class sessions meeting during the day and/or evening

Program Benefits

  • Choose specialty track in either Mental Health or Data-Based Decision-Making.
  • Take courses in an online blended format during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Take courses in an online blended format and/or on campus during summer sessions.
  • Study with a supportive cohort of students who move together through the program.
  • Graduate from a highly respected university with a strong service and social justice mission.

Program outcomes

  • Think systematically within the education system.
  • Analyze and interpret systems-level data. 
  • Implement and evaluate evidence-based practices.
  • Conduct advanced mental health counseling services.
  • Further knowledge of inequity within the larger educational community and develop skills to become agents of change.

Explore the program

The School Psychology Program Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is awarded for outstanding contributions to the profession and the school. It is presented annually at the School of Education’s Fall Alumni Reception.

Next steps

The U.S. Department of Education requires any institution offering distance education/online programs to students outside of its home state to acquire authorization from the states in which students reside.  Regulations vary from state to state.  While Loyola University Chicago is authorized, exempt or pursuing authorization in most states, some restrictions apply. Please see our State Authorization page for the most up-to-date information.