Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Faculty Contributions to PhD Program

Ph.D. in School Psychology

Dr. Gina Coffee:
Dr. Coffee teaches CIEP 477 (Academic Assessments and Interventions) and CIEP 482 (Prevention, Assessment and Intervention: Behavior). She also teaches a seminar course in single-subject design. Dr. Coffee mentors a number of doctoral as well as specialist level students through her research teams related to academic interventions and risk-taking behaviors in adolescents. Dr. Coffee devotes 100% of her time to the doctoral school psychology program.

Dr. Pamela Fenning:
Dr. Fenning regularly teaches CIEP 466 (Data-based Decision Making), CIEP 479 (School Based Consultation), CIEP 545 (Advanced Systems Consultation and School Psychology Supervision) and CIEP 546 (Advanced Practicum). Dr. Fenning also has served as the School Psychology Program Co-Director for the past seven years, and has administrative duties for the Doctoral Program. She mentors doctoral students through serving as dissertation chairperson, and has had an active research team which studies discipline policies and practices, and alternatives to suspension. Her research team has members from the Specialist and Doctoral programs in School Psychology. She devotes 100% of her to the doctoral program.

Dr. Lynne Golomb:
Dr. Lynne Golomb serves as the School Psychology Program Co-Director with administrative responsibilities for the Specialist Program. She teaches the Doctoral internship course (CIEP 586) and the non-credit bearing Proseminar (CIEP 533), as well as the Specialist level internship course (CIEP 486). She also has an active research team that is focused on supervision and professional activities of school psychologists. Her research teams are comprised of both Specialist and Doctoral students. She devotes 50% of her time to the doctoral program.

Dr. Martie Wynne:
Dr. Wynne regularly teaches CIEP 410 (Legal Issues: Educating Students with Disabilities), CIEP 550 (Doctoral Seminar in Educational and School Psychology), and RMTD 403 (Survey Methodology).  She has chaired significant numbers of dissertations during her tenure at Loyola and continues to mentor doctoral students in their research. She has an active research team focused on homeless youth and ensuring their rights in the educational arena. Dr. Wynne devotes 100% of her time to the doctoral school psychology program.

Allied Faculty: School Psychology Doctoral Program
Finally, we are also fortunate to have several excellent Associated Program faculty who teach courses in the Doctoral School Psychology program. For example, Dr. Anita Thomas, a colleague in the Counseling Psychology area, regularly teaches CPSY 433 (Multicultural Counseling). She is a noted scholar in the field of multicultural issues and has published a widely utilized textbook on the topic of multicultural counseling. In addition, our basic Doctoral research courses (RMTD 420 and RMTD 421), as well as the more advanced research courses on topics such as hierarchical linear modeling, and advanced qualitative research, are taught by our Associated Program faculty Drs. Kallemeyn, Pigott, and Wu, who are noted scholars in their respective fields (Please see attached faculty vitae in original submission) The Research Methods faculty also serve as members of our Program Area-Research and Psychology in the Schools, comprised of the Research Methodology and School Psychology programs of study. In addition, Associated Program Faculty, Drs. Michael Boyle and Diane Morrison, have administrative responsibility in centers which have funded a number of our doctoral students. Dr. Boyle is Assistant Director of the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness, while Dr. Morrison is the Director for the Center for School Evaluation and Intervention Training. Both individuals are professional school psychologists by training.