Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Director of Special Education Endorsement

Administration & Supervision, Special Education, and School Psychology

Loyola University Chicago is now offering an online program that meets the current requirements for the endorsement of the Director of Special Education through the Illinois State Board of Education.  The program expectations were created to ensure all candidates acquire the skills necessary to be administrators in special education and advocates for children with special needs.

Through focused, in-depth online coursework, candidates gain skills, perspectives, and knowledge for immediate application towards establishing systems of equity that service the needs of children with or without disabilities. 

Students will also participate in a field experience component developed collaboratively with a cooperating Director of Special Education and the School of Education faculty.  Students in this program will benefit from a cohort structure and an intensive coaching model.  Our coaches have a breadth of experience as administrators and advocates for the needs of children with special needs. 

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