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Organizational Evaluation Certificate

Upon the completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

  • Understand evaluation as a field of professional practice.
  • Conduct all aspects of a systematic inquiry, utilizing a variety of research practices, as relevant to substantive area.
  • Engage in reflective practice.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal competence.
  • Understand evaluation as a field of professional practice.
  • Conduct all aspects of a systematic inquiry, utilizing a variety of research practices, as relevant to substantive area.
  • Engage in reflective practice.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal competence.

Core Courses

The basic (core) courses include (2-3 courses – depending on the student’s research background)

  • RMTD 406 Educational Evaluation
  • RMTD 407 Evaluation Theory
  • CIEP 466 Communicating Research Findings

Recommended List of Elective Courses:

Students will choose two courses from the following lists in consultation with the assigned advisor based on prior coursework and experience.



  • RMTD 404 Introduction to Educational Statistics
  • RMTD 482 Introduction to Linear Models
  • RMTD 483 Multivariate Statistics
  • RMTD 484 Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Research Methods

  • RMTD 403 Survey Design
  • RMTD 420 Introduction to Qualitative Research
  • RMTD 421 Introduction to Quantitative Research
  • RMTD 430 Psychological Measurement
  • RMTD 440 Mixed Methods Research
  • RMTD 470 Case Study Research Methods
  • CIEP 488 Action Research

Students who have taken elective courses as part of their program requirements will be allowed to transfer a maximum of six credits to the certificate.

This certificate program is a five-course (15 hour) program that leads to a certificate in Measurement & Quantitative Methodology. 

Continuous Enrollments
Students in endorsement only programs are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that during each semester of each academic year (excluding Summer Sessions), each student must enroll in at least one course. A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the School of Education’s Associate Dean of Student Academic Services.

Application Deadlines: 
Fall: May 1
Spring: November 1

Summer: March 1 

A Completed Application Form 

You may submit your application form online


Official Transcripts

Applicants must submit official transcripts for all undergraduate and any graduate work. To be eligible for admission, your transcript must show an earned bachelor's degree or a bachelor’s degree in progress. Certified copies of transcripts are acceptable; faxed copies of transcripts are not considered official. If you attended Loyola University Chicago previously, you do not need to request transcripts; we have them on record.

Transcripts must show a GPA of at least a 2.7. 

In exceptional cases, applicants whose undergraduate GPA is below 2.7 may be admitted. Each program area gives meaningful consideration to the applicant's graduate GPA, recommendations, professional experience and reasons for pursuing a graduate program, as well as to the diversity of the student body.


A Personal Statement

Your statement should be 1 page, and you should describe your objectives of study and how the program relates to your discipline or career.




Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendations are not required for the certificate program.

For detailed information, visit
the Office of the Bursar's Tuition & Fees page for the Graduate School of Education.

For additional information on billing, payment, and policies, please visit the Office of the Bursar. For information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities, visit Loyola's Financial Aid Office and Financial Assistance through the School of Education.


  • Program Director: Leanne Kallemeyn
    Phone: 312.915.6909
    E-mail: lkallemeyn@luc.edu

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