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Faculty with International Experience

Dr. Steve D. Brown - Emeritus
Professor, Counseling Psychology
Dr. Brown has given several workshops on Social Cognitive Career Theory and applications to vocational guidance in Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Dr. Brown has engaged in collaborative research with colleagues in Iceland, Switzerland, and Italy. Collaborations with Italian colleagues at the University of Padova have resulted in five publications in U.S. professional journals. He is currently engaged in measurement equivalence research with Italian (University of Padova), Icelandic (University of Iceland-- Reykjavik), and Swiss (University of Lausanne) colleagues. Dr. Brown has given several invited addresses at the University of Padavoa and has been asked to submit manuscripts to Italian professional journals.
Dr. Tavis Jules
Assistant Professor, Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
Dr. Jules's work looks at the educational impact of international issues and organizations upon the fifteen members states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). His current research, teaching and policy work focus issue of educational development in small states around questions of regionalism and governance; international cooperation and education, leadership, ethics, and sustainability; gender education and development; comparative and international education policy studies; economic integration and education in Latin America and the Caribbean; and policy challenges in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).‌
‌Dr. Terri Pigott
Professor, Research Methodology
Dr. Pigott has recently taught research synthesis and meta-analysis in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Pretoria, South Africa, and in Oslo, Norway.  These courses are a part of the Campbell Collaboration, an international group dedicated to the development of systematic evidence to address social issues in the fields of education, crime and justice and social welfare.
  Dr. Noah Sobe
Associate Professor, Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
Professor Sobe is a historian of education and comparative and international education researcher who studies the global circulation of educational policies and practices. With regional and linguistic expertise across Central East Europe, Dr. Sobe studies schooling and state formation as well as post-Socialist educational reform.‌
Dr. Charlie Tocci
Clinical Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning
For the past 6 years Dr. Tocci has been Director of Studies for an independent undergraduate intercultural research program called InterFuture. Since 1969, Inter Future has supported highly qualified and highly promising students to develop their own intercultural comparative research projects and carry them out in on or two foreign locales and the United States. InterFuture scholars complete a series of preparation conferences to design their research and build necessary skills; they then spend a full semester in each locale living with a family and working independently to carry out their research and immerse themselves in local cultures. The project topics are selected by scholars based on their interests, passions, and commitments. Recent projects have included: children's free play in Ghana, Tanzania, and the U.S.; motivations of mixed martial artists in the Netherlands and the U.S.; storytellers performance in Senegal and the U.S., and; immigrant rights advocacy in South Korea and the U.S.