Language is Key Image

With the Language Matters project, we aim to build capacity at schools and networks to design and implement linguistically responsive instruction, specifically focused on strengthening language development and literacy instruction.

We seek to implement high-quality curriculum and instruction that supports both language development and the Common Core Standards through:

  • The Linguistically Responsive Instructional Blueprint (LRIB) for backward planning and effectively delivering curriculum and instruction to support language development
  • Professional development for classroom teachers, specialized teachers, and school leaders around language development and the instructional planning protocol
  • Professional learning communities to provide vertical and horizontal support across K-8 and high school actors engaged in the implementation work around language development and CCS
  • School structures to emphasize language development and value linguistic diversity

Through implementation of these project facets, we aim to build the capacity of educational actors to provide rigorous instruction to support the language development of culturally and linguistically diverse groups in Chicago classrooms, schools, and neighborhoods.

This work is made possible through a grant from the Searle Foundation at the Chicago Community Trust.