Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Higher Education

Guided by the Jesuit tradition of transformative education for social justice the Higher Education Program at Loyola University, Chicago prepares scholar-practitioners for administration and research across various postsecondary contexts. Through multiple graduate degree programs and certificates, we seek to create and sustain a caring, respectful, and simultaneously challenging community of scholarly and professional development for social justice in higher education. Additionally, your interactions with other students, colleagues, and faculty will be guided by care, respect, and challenge for each other. Care, respect, and challenge are especially necessary when learning about social justice. You will find yourself experiencing discomfort as you learn about social justice and its imperatives in the field of higher education. Through conversations, you will be pushed to recognize how we are complicit in these unjust systems and our social and professional responsibility as educators to challenge oppression through reflection and action. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills to reshape postsecondary systems toward principles of equity, justice, and participatory democracy.

We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to participating in conversations that lead you to a successful, impactful career in higher education! See links below for information about a specific program: