Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

EdD in Curriculum and Instruction


The EdD in Curriculum and Instruction is designed within a practitioner-researcher framework and aims at preparing individuals who will be competent in six core areas: Curriculum, instruction, leadership, research, program evaluation, and professionalism. Blending contemporary theory and practice, the program values the interdependence and emerging relationships among educational and social communities. Learning experiences across the program foster students’ individuality, cultural awareness, social responsibility, and creative inquiry.

Completion of the degree program increases a graduate’s opportunities for significant impact and influence in roles such as teacher, staff developer, principal, program director, change agent, curriculum director, instructional or learning specialist, college instructor, or administrator of education-related programs and institutions.


This program is following a cohort model. A cohort of students who attend together all of the required courses leading to a degree. In this model, students benefit from networking and building professional relationships with one another during the course of their program. Once a cohort is formed, the students remain together for the duration of their endorsement program. The development of the cohort is contingent upon reaching the required numbers of enrolled students.

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