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PhD in Research Methodology

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Much will depend upon how many courses the individual is able to take during any given term. Since the minimum is 20 courses, one should count on two or three years of coursework, another year for taking and passing comprehensive exams and developing a proposal, and at least one more year for the dissertation research. Five years is about the average length of time, especially if the student is not full-time. However a full-time student who transfers the maximum 30 credit hours from another university could complete the PhD in as few as three years. Please note that a maximum of six years is allowed to complete your coursework and dissertation.

This degree offers many professional opportunities. Recent graduates work in research firms, testing companies, professional associations or accrediting agencies, non-profits, and higher education, including institutional research..

The consulting experience is fulfilled by providing research or statistical consulting. The student, in consultation with the advisor, will determine the form of the consulting. Some examples include providing statistical analysis assistance to faculty members or other doctoral students at the university, working on a research team with a faculty member in the School of Education, or completing a project associated with the student's full-time employment.