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JD/MEd in Law & Education Policy

  • Earn JD and MEd degrees simultaneously at a much lower cost and in a much shorter time than if the two degrees were pursued independently.
  • Enjoy the support of a prestigious center and its network of accomplished faculty and distinguished alumni: The Civitas ChildLaw Center and its Education Law and Policy Institute.
  • Have the option to live and study two blocks from Chicago's Magnificent Mile in the Loyola's Baumhart Hall.
  • Understand the knowledge bases of the counseling professions.
  • Collaborate with multiple parties within a school context (e.g., students, parents, teachers, administrators, community, etc.)
  • Capable of applying the knowledge base of their disciplines in an ethical, reflective, and culturally-responsive manner.
  • Evaluate research, appreciate the contribution of empirical inquiry to the solution of applied problems, and apply research findings to their practices.
  • Knowledgeable of the social-cultural contexts of human development.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of their interventions with empirically sound methods
  • Participate in continuing professional education and supervision in their future professional lives and who involve themselves in activities of their professional associations.
  • Committed to social justice in scientific and practice settings.
The following curriculum is tentative; we anticipate some adjustments as faculty availability permits, especially in regard to the third year offerings.
First Year
Fall Semester Hours
LAW 110: Civil Procedure 4
LAW 150: Property 4
LAW 160: Torts 4
LAW 190: Legal Writing 2
Spring Semester Hours
LAW 120: Constitutional Law 4
LAW 130: Contracts 4
LAW 140: Criminal Law 3
LAW 194: Legal Writing 2
ELPS 420: Philosophy of Education 3
Second Year
Fall Semester Hours
Law school core foundational course 3-4
Law school core foundational course 3-4
Skills or experiential course 2
LAW 410: Advocacy 2
ELPS 405: Introduction to Educational Policy Analysis 3
ELPS 410: Sociology of Education 3
Spring Semester Hours
Law school core foundational course 3-4
Skills or experiential course 2
LAW 461: Education Law & Policy 3
RMTD 400: Introduction to Educational Research 3
ELPS 444: History of American Education 3
Third Year
Fall Semester Hours
LAW 414: Professional Responsibility 3
Law school elective 3-4
Education Law Practicum OR
ChildLaw Clinic OR
Legislation & Policy Clinic
RMTD 404: Statistical Analysis 3
Spring Semester Hours
Law school elective 3-4
Law school elective 3-4
Law Professional Skills 2
ELPS 412: Urban Analysis* 3
RMTD 406: Program Evaluation 3


To complete the JD/MEd program, students must complete 65 Law credit hours plus 24 Education credit hours for a total of 89 credit hours. The JD and MEd degrees are awarded concurrently upon the successful completion of degree requirements for both programs.


While this dual-degree program has courses with a prescribed sequence, each follows the university's regular program.  All program requirements apply for each area as well as each school's broader policies and procedures.

 * In place of ELPS 412 students may take ELPS 510 Seminar in the Sociology of Education; ELPS 514 Sociology of Teaching; ELPS 516 The School as Organization; or another course or seminar as offered. The above sequencing of law courses in the second and third years is tentative and can be adjusted with faculty advisor approval.

To be eligible for the dual-degree program, a prospective student must apply to and be admitted to both the School of Education's MEd in Cultural & Educational Policy Studies program and the School of Law's JD program independently. Transcripts submitted to the Law School can be shared. All other admission documents need to be submitted to each school directly. Should only one program offer admission, the applicant has the opportunity to enter that program.


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For additional information on billing, payment, and policies, please visit the Office of the Bursar. For information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities, visit Loyola's Financial Aid Office and  through the School of Education.

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