Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

JD/MEd in Law & Education Policy


This dual-degree program offered by the School of Law and the Cultural and Educational Policy Studies program of the School of Education focuses on educational policy within a legal framework. This program will produce legal professionals who have a grasp of U.S. education policy issues by joining Loyola’s strengths in education policy studies and analysis with its expertise in children’s rights and education law.

This joint program connects education law and policy issues in the interests of effective advocacy, informed policymaking and social-justice informed work in each of these fields.

To learn more about the JD/MEd dual-degree program, contact:

  • Office of JD Admission & Scholarships
    Loyola University Chicago School of Law
    Phone: 312.915.7170
    E-mail: law-admissions@luc.edu
  • Dr. Kate Phillippo, Program Co-Director and Graduate Program Co-Chair, Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
    Phone: 312.915.6910
    E-mail: kphillippo@luc.edu

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