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MEd in Higher Education

Higher Education Change Agents Wanted!

The Loyola University Chicago Higher Education program offers two paths for completion of a Master’s Degree – the Water Tower Campus Higher Education Program and the Lake County Higher Education Program.  Both paths serve one mission – the advancement of social justice through higher education - with different program deliveries (in-person, online, and hybrid). Courses are taught by Loyola’s esteemed faculty and senior-level higher education administrators to provide a rigorous and comprehensive curricular experience.  Other features include: networking opportunities, intensive mentoring, and the opportunity to study abroad at Loyola’s Rome Center campus.  


Loyola Higher Education faculty and students recognize the power of alternative ways of knowing and being and stress the significance of students’ experiential knowledge. Students in this program explore the fundamental importance of power, identity, intersectionality, advocacy, and activism in higher education. Our faculty specialize in a broad range of topics including but not limited to: 


  • Social justice and education
  • Critical theory and pedagogy
  • Contexts of activism in education
  • Identity formation
  • Student development
  • Agency
  • Multiracial students’ experiences in education
  • Undocumented students’ experiences in education
  • African American and Latinx experiences in education
  • Academic labor
  • International higher education
  • Democracy and education
  • Community college issues

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