Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

MA in Cultural & Educational Policy Studies


The MA in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies degree, conferred by The Graduate School, is intended for people working across the education sector to develop expertise in the analysis, research and improvement of education policy and practice.  Students are required to research and write a MA thesis and specialize in one of the following areas of concentration: Comparative and International Education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, or Sociology of Education.

Program benefits

  • Examine education policy and practice through a multidisciplinary approach, with an overarching emphasis on social justice.
  • Study with students from around the world and experience rich culturally diversity.
  • Learn to conduct original research that can inform educational policy and practice.
  • Balance work and graduate study with courses offered in the late afternoons and evenings.

Program outcomes

  • Apply disciplinary (humanities, social science) perspectives to issues and questions in educational policy and practice.
  • Develop expertise in a focused discipline of study (history of education, international comparative education, philosophy of education, sociology of education) including specific skills and competencies needed to carry out research in that discipline.
  • Critically assess the methodological, epistemological and ethical foundations of research.
  • Recognize education’s cultural dimensions and leverage cultural analyses in their work to improve educational experiences and institutions.
  • Bring educational research to bear on forming and implementing educational policy and practice.
  • Conduct independent research as the basis for writing a master’s thesis.
  • Alumni have been admitted to nationally prominent doctoral programs including those at UCLA, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University Teachers College, University of Washington, and University of California, Riverside, and have worked at research organizations including American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the National Opinion Research Center (NORC).

Explore the program

The Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Program Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is given for outstanding contributions to the profession and the school. It is presented annually at the Loyola School of Education’s Fall Alumni Reception.