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MEd in Cultural & Educational Policy Studies

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Both the MA and MEd degrees in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies similarly prepare graduates to recognize education’s cultural dimensions and leverage cultural analyses in their work to improve educational experiences and institutions.

The MA requires 24 hours of coursework and has the distinct focus of preparing students to conduct original independent research, and it includes a master’s thesis requirement. In this regard CEPS MA students develop expertise in a focused discipline of study (history of education, international comparative education, philosophy of education, sociology of education) including specific skills and competencies needed to carry out research in that discipline.

The MEd requires 30 hours of coursework, which includes a three-credit engaged learning internship requirement. The MEd does not require a thesis but requires the student to prepare an electronic portfolio as a capstone project. In addition, CEPS MEd students develop expertise in a focused domain of educational practice (domestic or global), including specific skills and competencies needed in work related to education policy. CEPS MEd students become critical consumers of educational research.

Once admitted to either program, students may submit an application to transfer between master’s programs.  There is an overlap in coursework between the two degrees though each has unique, individual requirements which makes transfer after the first or second semester more difficult and possibly result in additional course-taking requirements.