Academic Coaching



Curie Metro High School


Phillip C. Perry, Principal of Curie High School:

"Over the past few months, I have been impressed at the way Curie students have continued to attend Saturday enrichment opportunities provided by Loyola University’s Target New Transitions (TNT). I was amazed at the number of parents and students who came out on a Saturday morning to learn more about TNT. More amazing is the retention rate. Students who could be doing something else with their Saturdays are opting to come to school to work on academic and non-academic activities that support the way they learn. Students are met weekly by a group of committed, bright, energetic and genuinely concerned university student practitioners. As the coaches work with students in cooperative groups, I can see student engagement and young people willingly connected with their learning experiences."

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work as an academic coach, and not just a tutor. This job has been incredibly fulfilling and enriching and I am blessed to have experienced it. It truly has been a highlight of my college career.”

Lauren, 2008 Team

Jon, 2009 Team

“I was hoping this job would help me decide if I want to teach in a private or public school and it definitely has…I have a duty to teach at a school like Curie. With the gifts I’ve been given and my knowledge of social justice, it’s my duty to go there rather than a private school like Loyola Academy or suburban school like New Trier. I know that I can bring a lot to students in public schools, and it’s my duty to do that.”

“Students may come with some perspective on a current events issue for example, and then at the end of the day, they may leave with a different perspective or at least a better understanding of all the views on that particular issue. That is what I enjoy the most: the interaction that occurs between me(the coach) and the many students I work with on Saturday mornings. The fact that I am not just simply there for homework help, but also to create a safe and open environment to have discussions on anything from politics to music.“

Alejandro, 2010 Team

Saadia, 2011 Team

“There is so much that I have learned and been able to take from the experience and develop into a better person. I never realized how happy I was doing the work that I do until someone had asked me how I felt about it and if it was hard to give up sleeping in. I went on this passionate rant about how people that give back to the community are just like doctors because not only do we help people, we have the ability to save a person’s life (figuratively speaking). I have this power of changing a person’s view on the world and showing the hidden paths of life that they don’t necessary know are open to them.”


“In the short weeks that I have been a TNT coach I have realized that working with Curie students is a privilege. TNT is not a job, it is an experience that has enriched my life. I came into the program expecting to have to pull a few teeth in order to get students to do their homework and perhaps tap into my a-type personality to encourage productivity and civility. I could not have been more wrong. I have met students who are genuinely interested in their school work and appreciative of the resources that are provided to them by TNT coaches.”

Liz, 2011 Team