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Meet the new faculty members

Meet the new faculty members

Sandria Morten, EdD, (from left), Seungho Moon, EdD, and Celia Arresola, EdD, join the School of Education’s faculty this year. Also joining the faculty is Geralyn Lawler, MEd (pictured below).

The School of Education has added four new faculty members this year, each of them committed to advancing professional education in the service of social justice. The new faculty members are:

Seungho Moon, EdD, an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Teaching and Learning program. Before coming to Loyola, he taught at Oklahoma State University for four years and has done extensive research on how to promote social justice through curriculum studies. Read more here.

Celia Arresola, EdD, a clinical assistant professor in the School of Education’s Administration and Supervision program. Arresola, who received her Doctor of Education degree from Loyola, brings several years of teaching and administrative experience back to the University. Read more here.

Sandria Morten, EdD, assistant director for inclusive practices at the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education. Morten, who held several positions in the Archdiocese of Chicago before coming to Loyola, will work with Catholic schools to develop systems and structures to support all learners. Read her faculty bio.

Geralyn Lawler, MEd, assistant director for Catholic School Leadership at the Greeley Center. Before coming to Loyola, she served the Archdiocese in a number of capacities, including as a school principal. At the Greeley Center, Lawler will help guide principal candidates through the coursework and internship process.