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Nicole Reed Awarded the Transformative Education Award

Nicole Reed Awarded the Transformative Education Award

Left to Right: Brad MacDonald, Nicole Reed

Brad MacDonald, an undergraduate in the Secondary History and Special Education, presented Nicole Reed with one of two of the the Student Development Committee's Transformative Education Awards. This award Award is given to individuals who are committed to their field and have demonstrated their ability to transform the lives of those around them. Candidates were asked to send in one letter of recommendation as well as a personal statement to address how they have implemented transformative education in their field. The two candidates chosen have not only clearly conveyed how they transform the lives and experiences of the people with whom they work with, but also have illustrated their dedication to social justice and catalyzing social change.

Nicole Reed is a student in the School and Community Counseling program and works as a school counseling intern. Her job entails supporting and meeting the diverse needs of her students. She currently runs an executive functioning group for freshmen who have failed a class their first semester and risk being off track for graduating on time. Instead of approaching this group of students with the mentality that they are problem students, Nicole allows their voices to be heard and to vocalize their needs. Through her education at Loyola, she has gained the knowledge to be both an academic advisor and mental health counselor. This converging of skills and knowledge has allowed her to embody transformative education by supporting the individualized needs of students by building genuine relationships with students, asking questions, and collaborating with integral allies such as parents and teachers. Her passion for helping others and for them to see their potential is the reason why Nicole Reed is the perfect candidate to receive the SDCs Transformative Education Award. I know Nicole will continue her work to enrich and transform the lives of all her students and be an agent of social change.