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Q&A with Dr. Aurora Chang

Q&A with Dr. Aurora Chang

Title/s: Assistant Professor

Specialty Area: Teaching and Learning

E-mail:  achang2@luc.edu

Where is your hometown?

I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, but I consider Richmond, California my hometown.

Tell me a little about your research and areas of expertise.

My research focuses on the intersection of education, identity, and agency within traditionally marginalized communities. My research interests specifically include undocumented Latina/o students, multiracial students, and faculty of color.

How did you become passionate about these topics? What or who inspired you?

My research interests stem from my own social identities as a once undocumented Guatemalan immigrant and multiracial Latina female faculty member. I am inspired by those who are not given access to the educational opportunities that I have had the privilege of taking advantage of.

How can teachers be prepared to work with an increasingly diverse student population?

The single most important characteristic of teacher effectiveness in any setting is genuine caring.  Another way to say this is the ability to nurture deep, meaningful relationships with students.

What courses are you instructing at Loyola?

I am instructing a doctoral seminar on multicultural education and an undergraduate course on child development in the urban teacher education program.

What is one concept you want your students to learn from your course(s)?

I want students to understand that the best pedagogy is founded on an ethics of social justice, love, and caring.