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Congratulations to Dr. Tavis D. Jules on his newest publications.

Re-Reading Education PolicyEducational Transitions

Dr. Jules and Teresa Barton (PhD Candidate in the Cultural and Education Policy Studies Program) on their new book Educational Transitions in Post-Revolutionary Spaces: Islam, Security, and Social Movements in Tunisia. The book explores the transformation of the education system in Tunisia following the Jasmine Revolution (or Al-Sahwa), the first of a wave of revolutions known as the Arab Spring. The authors provide a detailed account of how Tunisia’s robust education system shaped and sparked the conflict as the educated youth became disgruntled with their economic conditions. Exploring themes such as radicalization, gender, activism, and social media, the chapters map out the various factors at play during the transition from authoritarian rule to democracy. The book not only offers an understanding of the role of youth in the revolution and how it was shaped by Tunisia’s educational system, but also provides an understanding of the theoretical and methodological insights needed to study educational transitions in other post-revolutionary contexts. For more information, visit Bloomsbury Publishing: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/educational-transitions-in-post-revolutionary-spaces-9781474282154/

Additionally, Dr. Jules recently published a new edited volume (with Dr. Patrick Ressler), Re-Reading Education Policy and Practice in Small States: Issues of Size and Scale in the Emerging “Intelligent Society and Economy”. This volume is concerned with educational developments in small and microstates, a topic that has only relatively recently started to attract the attention it deserves. It is guided by the questions (i) if and how small and microstates deal with policy challenges to their education systems that are particularly important for their future development and (ii) whether there is something like typical “small / microstate behavior.” The volume seeks to contribute to a genuinely comparative approach to education in small and microstates. Moreover, widening conventional definitions of smallness, it aims to advance research in the field not only in a thematic but also in a theoretical perspective. Overall, the volume seeks to expand our understanding of small and microstates – and by implication of big states as well –, especially regarding what is general and what is particular about their behavior.  For more information, visit Peter Lang: https://www.peterlang.com/view/product/16604?tab=aboutauthor&format=EPDF