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The Curriculum Foundations Reader

Image for front page, 2-12-2020

The Curriculum Foundations Reader (CFR) dives into this overlooked history to engage readers directly with the voices from our educational history. Born out of frustration with what other curriculum history texts did not include, Ann Marie Ryan (University of Texas-San Antonio), Charles Tocci (LUC), and Seungho Moon (LUC) came together to write a curriculum foundations book that explored life in and around classrooms. Across eight chapter, CFR presents succinct histories about major, enduring questions in curriculum history, such as: Who chooses what is taught? and, who is at the center of the curriculum? Each of these thematic chapters is followed by a curated set of historical sources that illustrate how educators of all stripes created new practices and advocated important change as they grappled with big questions.

CFR, published by Palgrave, is available as in digital and hard copy versions now.