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Immigration and Education

Immigration and Education

Professor Noah W. Sobe

This Spring, SOE faculty and students are joining together to learn and teach about the many ways that education and immigration overlap. Immigrants make up 19% of the American school age population and Loyola's social justice focus inspires us to examine the educational opportunities and achievements of immigrant students as an issue of  educational policy and practice that crosses all levels of schooling (from early childhood through higher education).  The importance of properly serving immigrant families, communities and students crosses all professional areas from school psychology to college and university student affairs.  Under the leadership of Professor Noah W. Sobe (Cultural and Educational Policy Studies) and Professor Anita Thomas (Counseling Psychology) a group of master's and doctoral students from across the SOE are delving into the challenges and opportunities that immigrant students present.   In this team-taught seminar (ELPS 500), faculty from different program areas are bringing their disciplinary and professional expertise into the classroom. Class sessions have focused on English language learners, undocumented students, culturally relevant pedagogy, history of immigration policy, and culture and identity.

Professor Anita Thomas‌‌‌