Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Q&A with John C. Steele

Title/s: Clinical Instructor

Specialty Area: Counseling

E-mail:  jsteel1@luc.edu

Where is your hometown?

I am from Dallas, Texas.

Tell me a little about your research and areas of expertise.

My research interests include identity development, particularly for adolescents and emerging adults, and racial-identity development and racial socialization, specifically development of young African-American men.

How did you become passionate about these topics? What or who inspired you?

I developed a passion for working with young people a number of years ago. I believe that the period of adolescence and emerging adulthood is such an interesting and critical period of life and development. I've had the opportunity to work with outstanding mentors and colleagues such as Dr. Anita Thomas and Dr. Elizabeth Vera, who have made meaningful professional contributions related to these topics.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

I achieve a great sense of satisfaction when I know that students are engaged and reflecting on the material that we are covering.

What course(s) are you instructing?

I am currently teaching Counseling Practicum (CPSY 440), Multicultural Counseling (CPSY 433), and two sections of Counseling Skills (CPSY 420).

What is one concept you want your Loyola students to learn from your course(s)?

This question prompts me to think about "student take-away" in regards to the instruction that I provide. My hope is that students will say that they experienced relevant skill development and that my instruction has supported personal and professional development.