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PhD Student Awarded APA Blue Ribbon for Research Proposal

PhD Student Awarded APA Blue Ribbon for Research Proposal

The American Psychological Association awarded a blue ribbon to Carly Tindall, School Psychology PhD student, based on reviews of research proposals submitted to APA Divison 16 with graduate students listed as first authors. The award was granted for having one of the highest rated poster proposals.

The title of the study, done in conjunction with Pamela Fenning, PhD was, "Exploring the Needs of Youth on the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Perspectives of Key Stakeholders".  This study explores the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of youth involved with or at risk of being involved in the juvenile justice system.  The findings of interviews with key stakeholders (e.g., school-based professionals, juvenile justice professionals, parents, students) directly connected with or advocating for youth associated with the school-to-prison pipeline trajectory were discussed.  The data was collected from cross-disciplinary participants to gain a more holistic understanding of the needs of youth within this trajectory and to learn specifically about the racial and ethnic disproportionality within the school-to-prison pipeline and how school psychologists can work to combat it.