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This portion of the program will provide the opportunity to learn more about our school and programs. During this time, feel free to stop by various tables to explore your programs of interest.

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Program Information

Loyola's School of Education has been a proven model of success for more than 50 years, with its graduate programs boasting a 95 percent placement within three months of degree completion. Learn more about your move from a student desk to the front of the classroom here.


EdD in Administration and Supervision - School District Leadership

Become a change agent in education, leading schools as an innovative district leader. You’ll be well-equipped to successfully and ethically manage and navigate curricular, programmatic, and budgetary decisions in both urban and suburban school district settings. You will be ready to implement innovative solutions and impact organizational change in school communities and districts.

EdD in Administration and Supervision – Principal Preparation

As a principal, you’ll have the opportunity to lead a school community and create programs and initiatives with a lasting impact on students, tackling equity issues along the way. You have the experience teaching in the classroom. Now it’s time to hone your leadership skills with an advanced degree.

EdD in School Psychology

Support students’ mental health and address social inequities in schools. Every school district in the country is required to have a school psychologist to support students, but a national shortage of professionals educated in this field means that many schools are going without this essential support. Earn an EdD in School Psychology and help to confront this equity issue.

EdD in Curriculum, Culture, and Communities (3Cs)

New for the Fall of 2021, the EdD in 3Cs is designed with a social justice framework across schools and communities to prepare educators, community organizers, faith-based leaders, nonprofit leaders, and others to take on new challenges as socially-just educators and researchers in institutions of higher education, schools, and communities.


PhD in Counseling Psychology

Earn your doctoral degree and license to practice as a professional psychologist in a nationally recognized, social justice oriented, APA approved program focused on breaking down barriers to equity in health and education.

PhD in Higher Education

Prepare for an academic or administrative career with an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to connect theory to practice while supporting scholarship on equity and social justice in various postsecondary contexts.

PhD in Research Methodology

Use numbers and data to drive systematic change in education. Here, unlike in math or statistics, numbers are not the final answer. Work in educational and institutional research, using numbers to tell the story of the human experience and create meaningful change.

PhD in School Psychology

Use data-driven solutions to enhance equality across the education system, work directly with students, and publish change-making research that will disrupt inequities in our education system.


MEd/EDs in School Psychology

Support students and their families to facilitate a successful school experience. Combining the principles of educational and school psychology, this dual degree program equips you to be a school psychologist that advocates for the best interests of students and their parents, confronting the inequities of our education system along the way. You’ll learn skills and strategies to support students both in and outside the classroom, enabling them to have the most successful learning experience possible.

EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The education field needs professionals who can meet client concerns from diverse cultural perspectives. This degree prepares professionals who are knowledgeable about cultural influences on human development.


MEd in Secondary Education

Earn a degree and certification to teach at the high school level. As a high school teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to support and influence students at a critical, formative time in their life. Here at Loyola, earn a master’s degree through an immersive curriculum that places you directly in Chicago’s classrooms, learning from other teachers and making a difference for students right away.

MEd in Catholic Principal Preparation

Designed to prepare future principals to meet the complex challenges of leading today’s Catholic schools, this program is uniquely designed to ensure each principal candidate becomes a mission-driven, faith-based instructional leader within the Catholic School context.


MEd in Administration and Supervision for School Leaders

Hone your leadership skills as a school principal. If you want to tackle the hard topics and have a deep passion for addressing social justice and equity issues pervasive in school systems, this program will give you the skills and know-how to tackle these challenges.

MEd in Community Counseling

Become a licensed professional counselor, ready to tackle the systemic inequities in the educational system. Commit to disrupting the status quo and eliminating mental health disparities. Our nationally recognized faculty are experts in social justice and ready to work with you to confront racism, achievement gaps, and other discrimination in our education system.

MEd in Higher Education

Become a leading practitioner-scholar, promoting access, equity, and social justice within postsecondary contexts. This degree is a rare combination, offering content around student affairs and higher education administration rather than specializing in one or the other. Combining these two areas means you’ll be better able to serve and support college students.

MEd in School Counseling

Support students as their school counselor, putting special emphasis on lifting up underserved and disenfranchised populations. Earn your professional license in a program committed to breaking barriers and disrupting current inequities in our educational system.

MEd in School and Community Counseling

At the intersection of school and community life, this is an opportunity for you to support students and their families as a licensed professional counselor. Our nationally recognized faculty are experts in social justice and ready to work with you to confront racism, achievement gaps, and other discrimination in our education system.

MEd in Curriculum, Culture, & Communities (3Cs) - Hybrid & In-Person

New for the Fall of 2021, this program is designed within a social justice framework across schools and communities to prepare educators, community organizers, faith-based leaders, policy-makers, and others to take on new challenges as socially-just curriculum specialists in institutions of higher education, schools and communities.

MEd in Catholic School Leadership

This program is intentionally designed to prepare candidates to meet the complex challenges of leading today’s Catholic schools. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be highly effective Catholic school leaders, promoting the spiritual, academic, and social-emotional growth of their students.

MEd in Catholic Principal Preparation

Designed to prepare future principals to meet the complex challenges of leading today’s Catholic schools, this program is uniquely designed to ensure each principal candidate becomes a mission-driven, faith-based instructional leader within the Catholic School context.

MEd in Language, Culture, and Curriculum

This program seeks to develop expert educators capable of serving in a variety of settings, including English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), bilingual education, and general education with students labeled as English learners (ELs) or English language learners (ELLs).

MEd in Elementary Education

Designed for individuals looking to make a difference in the lives of children, this program focuses on inclusive education and developing pedagogical and advocacy skills to promote equity and social justice for all learners in your classroom.


MA in Community Counseling

Take the first step on your journey to disrupt the status quo and eliminate mental health inequities. If you want to learn the skills needed to help communities living with disparities in health and well-being, especially the underserved, this program is the place for you to shift the inequitable landscape.

MA in Research Methodology

Data tells the story of the human experience. In this program, we look at numbers in context. Unlike in math or statistics, where a number is the final answer, we know that numbers tell a story. We challenge our students to use data to highlight the systematic and personal characteristics that contribute to social inequities and leverage the findings to devise ways to offset those inequities.


Instructional Coaching Certificate

Teacher leaders are crucial for the success of the entire school. Often, they are not given formal training. This certificate aims to empower teacher leaders to support and guide their colleagues to improve teaching and learning through instruction, curriculum, and using information and data. It will also focus on effective methods of leading professional learning.

Leading Inclusive Catholic Schools Certificate

Catholic schools are responding to the call to open their doors to students with disabilities in increasing numbers, yet need support and guidance to effectively build more inclusive environments. This program aims to build both the knowledge and experiential base of Catholic school principals and teacher leaders to develop school-wide systems, structures, and practices to support all learners.

Research Methodology

This program offers a curriculum for training students to have expertise in applying measurement and quantitative techniques in a research setting. Students will choose an emphasis of measurement or quantitative methods and will receive a certificate upon completion of the requirements to validate their skills and efforts.

Organizational Evaluation

This program prepares students for roles as evaluators and change agents in a range of organizations such as schools, school districts, and non-profit agencies. Evaluation refers to a systematic process of collecting data about organizations and their programs for enhancing knowledge and decision making, promoting organizational learning and development.

School Discipline Reform Certificate

This program is for professionals committed to serving their students and their communities by understanding, shaping, and implementing prevention-oriented approaches to school discipline.

Online - Superintendent Endorsement Certificate (Chicago)

Developed in partnership with the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) and an Administration and Supervision (ADSU) Advisory Board composed of active superintendents in the Chicagoland area, this program embraces CPED’s vision to prepare school district leaders to become well-equipped, scholarly practitioners who remain steadfast stewards for the profession and meet the educational challenges of the 21st century. All members of the ADSU Advisory Board are alumni of Loyola.

ISBE Principal Endorsement

Designed alongside community partners, this endorsement ensures all candidates acquire the skills necessary to be effective, justice oriented school principals. Through focused, in-depth coursework candidates gain skills, perspectives, and knowledge for immediate application towards positively transforming schools and improving student performance.

Director of Special Education Endorsement

This online program meets the current requirements for the endorsement of the Director of Special Education through the Illinois State Board of Education. Its expectations were created to ensure all candidates acquire the skills necessary to be administrators in special education and advocates for children with special needs.

Curriculum and Pedagogy in Higher Education Online Certificate

This completely online program is designed for higher education instructors who want to improve their pedagogical practice, as well as those with goals to teach in institutions of higher education.


Become a high school biology, chemistry, math, or science teacher, earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in secondary education in this five-year program. You’ll qualify for a higher salary with a graduate degree, and be able to earn both degrees more quickly than if you enrolled in the two programs separately.

Five-Year BS/MEd in Physics and Secondary Education
Five-Year BS/MEd in Math and Secondary Education
Five-Year BA/MEd in Chemistry and Secondary Education
Five-Year BS/MEd in Biology and Secondary Education


Non-Degree Program

These programs are for students who wish to sample classes before applying to an SOE graduate degree program, transfer credit to another institution, or obtain professional or personal enrichment.

Zehra Goakal photo

Zehra Gokal, (BA 'TK)

Summer Bridge 3rd Grade Teacher at Chicago Public Schools

“Your freshman year, your first semester, you get to go to classrooms. When I go to be a teacher and I step into my classroom, I will already know what to do.”

Monica Prinz photo

Monica Prinz, (MEd ’06)

Teacher at Gillespie Elementary School in Chicago
Winner of Chicago's Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching

“Loyola has a really good philosophy on education. I had classes that helped connect social trends to science and how to really bring it to life, which was really important. It was a strong basis for my career. It built a great repertoire for a starting teacher.”

Slaney Palmer photo

Slaney Palmer, JD ’(MEd 'TK)

Current Position TK

“Being a social justice educator is a special calling. Our service must be universal, inclusive, diverse, and with a preferential option for advocacy for those who are at risk of being left behind.