All students, in programs offered by the School of Education (including students in the Graduate School), are charged a one-time course management fee of $155 which covers your subscription to LiveText. The subscription is valid for the entire time you are enrolled at Loyola and for no less than one year beyond graduation.

LiveText is an electronic system that has been adopted by hundreds of universities to assist in program assessment. LiveText provides you with access to a very valuable technology tool that assists you in assessing and documenting your academic efforts, and allows the School of Education to gather necessary outcome information for ongoing program assessment and to build the finest professional preparation programs as possible. Various key projects and assignments will be assessed using the LiveText system. The system will permit you to create your own on-line professional portfolio documenting the mastery of skills and knowledge benchmarked against professional standards.

Billing Information

The Course Management Fee is posted to your account approximately ten days after the start of your first semester - Fall or Spring.  For all students admitted for Summer, posting occurs in July.

Keycodes & Registration

LiveText keycodes are emailed to your Loyola account the week before your first semester. Once you receive your keycode, you should register it using your LUC email account and then save the information. 

If you did not receive the email with your LiveText keycode at the beginning of the year, please contact Hannah Luchtenburg at hluchtenburg@luc.edu requesting the LiveText keycode to be re-sent.


Tutorial Videos: After you log into LiveText, a training video can be found on your Dashboard that reviews how to submit an assignment (whether a LiveText or a Word document). 

Help Tab: On the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard you will find the HELP tab. Along with additional tutorial videos, the HELP section houses instructions on topics such as: Creating/Editing a LiveText Document, Sharing a LiveText Document, Submitting a Course Assignment, and many others.

Contact: You may also call the LiveText Support line at  the toll free number - 866-548-3839 or email support@livetext.com and receive a response within 24 hours.

For students with an existing LiveText account from a previous institution‌

Instructions for renewing LiveText accounts for returning students

How To:

How to submit a Word, Excel, or PWPT assignment‌‌ (PDF)