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Engaged Learning during COVID

COVID-19 dramatically changed our campus experience this Spring and Summer. However, Engaged Learning is still thriving! This webinar series is intended to help faculty be aware and think creatively about how to approach their Engaged Learning courses with tools and help from the Center for Experiential Learning.
Engaged Learning courses may look and feel very different in Fall 2020, but in an effort to preserve the deep learning experiences of students, we encourage the guidelines found here: Engaged Learning Courses Guidelines for Fall 2020

Faculty Webinars:

Learning at the Intersections: Critical Reflections and Universal Design for Learning Tools
Learning Portfolios serve as an excellent digital course tool for reflection and course assessment. Learn about how to use of learning portfolios as high impact tools for courses both online and in-person! Recording coming soon!
Fostering Remote/Virtual Internship & Research Opportunities
Join this webinar to learn how to support students in identifying remote internship opportunities, project-based work, and research-oriented experiences. Not being in-person doesn't need to keep students from having dynamic and exciting internship and research experiences. Watch this webinar.
Project-based Experiences in Service-Learning
Using a project-based approach for Service-Learning classes does more than accommodate the restrictions that may come from having an online course - it opens up a wider possibility of learning and partnership between you and community co-educators. Recording coming soon!
How Do I Teach Engaged Learning Now? Creative Approaches for Engaged Learning Courses
Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about teaching Engaged Learning now? Join a dialogue about challenges and reimagined approaches to your Engaged Learning courses taht accoutn for our new context. Energize your teaching while balancing empathy for all involved (students, faculty, community partners) during this uncertain time. Watch this webinar.
Reflection in Online Classes
Teaching online brings new challenges and new opportunities for reflection in classes. Learn about techniques and tools to help facilitate excellent reflection across any platform. Recording coming soon!

Student Webinars:

Undergraduate Student Engaged Learning Funding Opportunities
The Center for Experiential Learning will share with students two funding opportunities available if you will have an unpaid internship or research opportunity during the 2020-2021 Academic School year. This is a great way to learn how you can apply for either the ASPIRE (All Students Prosper If Resources Exist) a tuition based scholarship or the Mellon Foundation Funding a stipend based funding source. All finalist for both funding sources will receive $1,500.00. Presenters: Cynthia Stewart, PhD and Max Halm
Discovering Remote/Virtual Internship & Research Opportunities
Join this webinar to learn how to identify and pursue remote internship opportunities, project-based work, and research experiences. Not being in person doesn't need to keep you from having dynamic and exciting internship and/or research experiences. Presenters: Kevin Kauffman, PhD and Cynthia Stewart, PhD