Loyola University Chicago

Engineering Science


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Gail Baura, PhD Director of Engineering Science and Professor 321 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8095
Brook Abegaz, PhD Assistant Professor 322 Cuneo Hall (773) 508-8218
Sarah Ali, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor 310 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8293
Vincent (Chiun-Fan) Chen, PhD Assistant Professor 315 Cuneo Hall 773.508.2147
Chad Johnston, PhD Assistant Professor‌ 305 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8245
Ashraf Omran, PhD Full-time Instructor 310 Cuneo Hall
Gajan Sivandran, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor 306 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8244
Jason Streeter, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor 323 Cuneo Hall 773.508.2148