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Student Projects

Active Learning

Active learning is “generally defined as any instructional method that engages students in the learning process. In short, active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing” (Prince, Journal Engineering Education, 93:223-231, 2004). 

In our program, we practice active learning through assignments that are either first year engineering design (open-ended design projects during freshman year), collaborative learning (student groups working towards a common goal), problem-based learning (student groups each solving an assigned problem over one or several semesters), or service learning (meaningful community service integrated with instruction).

First Year Engineering Design Projects, Fall 2017

Half of ENGR 101 is devoted to groups of three or four freshmen each solving an open-ended design problem, during their first semester as college students.  First year engineering design is an optimal teaching methodology for increasing engineering persistence to graduation (Fortenberry, et al, Science, 317:1175-76, 2007).  In the following list of Fall 2017 projects, student names are given if the Sponsor approved the project solution for use on the Lake Shore campus.

Sponsor Dr. Carol Kostovich, Associate Dean for Simulation-Based Teaching and Learning, annually requests 3D anatomical models that her sophomore nursing students use to visualize clinical procedures.  Students render these models in SolidWorks.

  1. Cervical Dilation Anatomical Model – Luke, Priyana, Sophia, Valentine
  2. Endotracheal Tube Anatomical Model – Camryn, Franklin, Hannah
  3. Foley Catheter Anatomical Model – Lauren, Mirza, Shalaka
  4. Nasogastric Tube Anatomical Model – Haris, Laura, Sebastian, Shannon

Sponsor Dr. Marianne Ryan, Dean of Libraries, requested investigations of the first floor of Cudahy Library for future remodeling of the layout and lighting.

  1. Optimal Layout 1
  2. Optimal Layout 2
  3. Optimal Lighting 1 –Alex, Ben, Jack, Max
  4. Optimal Lighting 2

Sponsor Kevin Erikson, Urban Agriculture Coordinator, requested a method for minimizing pain to Tilapia, as they are harvested for Loyola’s Farmer’s Market.

  1. Human Oreochromis Euthanasia

Sponsor Prof. Matt Groves, Director of Fine Arts, requested a tool for scooping reformulated clay out of large storage bins.

  1. Optimized Clay Scoop – Carla, Carmen, Dominic, Ryan

Sponsor Zach Waickman, Biodiesel Lab Manager, requested a storage method for minimizing biodiesel contamination.

  1. Minimization of Biodiesel Water Content – Abeer, Anna, Josh, Kyle