Loyola University Chicago

Engineering Science

Engineering Science Accreditation Statement

Loyola University Chicago’s Engineering Science program is in its fifth year of planning for ABET accreditation.  Loyola’s highly structured curriculum and program meet and/or exceed the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) General Criteria.  

Accreditation evaluation is a two-year process.  Per ABET requirements, Loyola University conducted a readiness review towards initial accreditation in October, 2018. In January, 2019, in anticipation of students graduating from the program in May, 2019, we requested our initial accreditation evaluation during the 2019-20 cycle. Once approved, our accreditation will cover all of our Engineering Classes, starting with the Class of 2019.

Software Engineering, which is housed in Computer Science, is not seeking ABET accreditation.

Director of Engineering Science, Dr. Gail Baura, recently finished her five-year term as an ABET Engineering Accreditation Commissioner, and is now a Member of the ABET Board of Delegates.