Loyola University Chicago

Department of English


Philip Sorenson

Title/s:  Advanced Lecturer

Specialty Area: Contemporary American Poetry, Writing

Office #:  Loyola Hall 306

Phone: 83803



Teaching Philosophy:

As a composition instructor, I believe in several core practices: emphasizing the grammatical expectations of standard written English, introducing highly difficult but rhetorically powerful texts, and presenting a variety of writing genres and purposes. As a teacher of core literature courses, my goals are somewhat different: I attempt to excite student interest, to open students’ sense of what constitutes literature, and to push students into new critical postures. In both cases—composition and core literature—I believe my best practice coalesces around a desire to pass along big ideas and compelling texts.


B.A., Beloit College (1999)

M.F.A., University of Washington (2004)

Research Interests

Composition; Contemporary World Literature; Experimental Literature; Poetry 

Selected Publications

Recent Publications:

from ​​Men's Fashions. The Stockholm Review of Literature (2015) 

from L O N E L Y T H I N G. Swine Magazine (2014)

from L O N E L Y T H I N G. Spolia (2014)

from L O N E L Y T H I N G. Ohio Edit (2014)

“Five Poems.” Deluge (2013)

from The Poems of Alfred de Musset. Pelt (2013)

from The Poems of Alfred de Musset. Spolia (2013)

from The Poems of Alfred de Musset. Horse Less Review (2013)

“The Waspmen in the Pines.” Verse Daily (2012)

“External of Time” and “External of Time II” and “[wings and skins]” and “Married Woman” and “[light grows].” Moria Poetry (2012)

“After Elagabalus.” Asymptote (2011)

“[then a mule dropped]” and “[known as Rome’s emperor Severen]” and “[oh varius]” and “[a gibbon].” Strange Machine (2011)


Solar Trauma (poetry, Rescue Press, 2017)

Of Embodies (poetry, Rescue Press, 2012)