Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

MA Alumni Testimonials

Katie Gutierrez
MA 2017
PhD student and Research Assistant, Saint Louis University

"My MA from Loyola allowed me to really expand my CV and granted me numerous opportunities to advance my academic career. For example, the opportunity to present my work in front of the department of English at Loyola gave me speaking experience. Additionally, Loyola provided me with opportunities to work as a Digital Services Graduate Assistant in Cudahy Library, granting me the ability to expand my academic skill set."


Alex Christie
MA 2014
Assistant Professor of Digital Prototyping, Brock University’s Centre for Digital Humanities, Ontario, Canada

"I found myself immersed in an academic culture that modeled professionalism, offered tangible pathways to professionalize my maturing skillsets (both formal and informal), and helped me implement those skills in a range of public-facing venues. The program taught me to develop as a professional by treating every interaction (inside the classroom and beyond it) as a learning opportunity, an insight to which I have continually returned in different stages of my career."

Deirdre Littleton
MA 2013
Language Arts teacher, O.A. Thorp Scholastic Academy, Chicago

"The support I received from my professors and colleagues at Loyola was invaluable throughout my year of studies, and has continued even after my graduation. I appreciate the sense of community and professional support that characterizes the atmosphere in the graduate English Department. Loyola’s career office and the professors showed strong interest in my goals and did what they could to offer guidance and resources for my success. The sense of community at Loyola also translated into the seminars. The class sizes were small and the discussions were lively and personal, with several valuable 'breakthroughs' that have altered my perspectives on literature, theory, and learning in general. I will be utilizing these newfound perspectives in my future research and lesson planning, and I hope to create a similar learning atmosphere, conducive to independent discovery, in my own classroom."


Lindsey Wedow
MA 2015
PhD candidate, University of Michigan

"The MA I received from the department of English at LUC certainly prepared me for the rigorous demands of graduate-level course work. I took several courses while earning my MA that were particularly demanding upon my ability to develop critical thought and to step into critical conversation between literary scholars past and present. Several of my professors at LUC were willing to offer challenging and deeply insightful feedback on my writing which I believe has ultimately aided me in not only meeting the demands of graduate level work, but in connecting with faculty members in my department who will take my writing seriously. Taking the ideas that one develops from reading, exam prep, and course work and developing them into articles and other projects can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial."