Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

The Gravett-Tuma Book Scholarship Award

Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Amber Gravett and her husband, Mr. David Tuma, the Department of English has established an semi-annual "Gravett-Tuma Graduate Book Scholarship." Two graduate students are selected each semester for a monetary award (typically around $250) to be applied to book purchases at the University Bookstore.

The Selection Committee comprises Dr. Chinitz (chair), Dr. Kaminski, and the current graduate program director. It was decided that students would be considered eligible for the prize at two different points in the PhD program: at the beginning of their fourth semester at Loyola and at the time they register for English 502. The two prizes given in the spring go to students in the fourth-semester cadre, the two given in the fall go to students who had taken English 502 during the past year.

It was also decided that in selecting the prize winners, the committee would consider the eligible students' grades in graduate coursework and their progress in the PhD program, soliciting the views of any faculty who knew the candidates. Ms. Gravett has also specified that students doing substantial work on Marlowe or Milton be given special consideration for the prize.

Eligible students are announced to the graduate faculty, who are invited to send recommendations for this award to the Selection Committee. The graduate program director announces the results of each semester’s competition.