Loyola University Chicago

Department of English




James Biester

  • Office Location: Crown Center 479
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2793
  • E-mail: jbieste@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Early Modern Literature and Culture, History of Literary Theory, History of Rhetoric, and Elite and Popular Culture.



J. Brooks Bouson

  • Office Location: Crown Center 403
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2250
  • E-mail: jbouson@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Twentieth-Century Women's Literature, Feminist Theory, History of Feminist Criticism




Micael Clarke

  • Office Location: Crown Center 407
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2797
  • E-mail: mclarke@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Religion and literature, secularism, William Makepeace Thackeray, Charlotte and Emily Brontë



Paul Eggert

  • Office Location: Crown Center 457
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2328
  • E-mail: peggert@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Textual Studies, Editorial Theory, Scholarly Editing of Literary Words, Analytical Bibliography, History of the Book, and Print Culture.


Francis L. Fennell

  • Office Location: Crown Center 413
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2784
  • E-mail: ffennel@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Victorian Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, and Pedagogy.



Verna Foster

  • Office Location: Crown Center 419
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2251
  • E-mail: vfoster@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Modern Drama, Comparative Drama, Dramatic Theory, Women in Drama, and Shakespeare.






Suzanne Gossett



Paul Jay

  • Office Location: Crown Center 429
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2253
  • E-mail: pjay@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Literary Thery, Modernism and Modernity, Literature of the Americas, Border Studies, and Globalization.



Thomas Kaminski

  • Office Location: Crown Center 451
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2788
  • E-mail: tkamins@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Classical Influences on English Poetry, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Literature, and Samuel Johnson.



David Michael Kaplan

  • Office Location: Crown Center 403
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2246
  • E-mail: dkaplan@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Fiction Writing, Teaching of Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Contemporary American Fiction




Christopher Kendrick

  • Office Location: Crown Center 463
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2248
  • E-mail: ckendri@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: John Milton, Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century British Literature, Marxism, and Theory.


Peter Shillingsburg



Edward Wheatley

  • Office Location: Crown Center 455
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2254
  • E-mail: ewheatl@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Medieval English and Continental Literature, Paleography and Manuscript Studies, History of the English Language, and Disability Studies.



Joyce Wexler

  • Office Location: Crown Center 403
  • Phone Number: 773.508.2249
  • E-mail: jwexler@luc.edu
  • Specialty Areas: Twentieth-Century Aesthetic Movements; Cultural Studies; Publishing History; Conrad, Joyce, and Lawrence.