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Supplementary Conversations

Supplementary Conversations: Alternative Readings for UCWR 110:

The Writing Program and Shared Text project has developed a supplementary list of essays, articles, speeches, excerpts, and online links that give instructors a wider range of additional material to use with the Writing Responsibly: Communities in Conversation reader that is used for all UCWR 110 courses.  These supplementary materials pair well with many of the essays in the common reader and we encourage UCWR 110 instructors to peruse the list for use in your classes and writing assignments. The expansion of these materials incorporates sources on relevant current topics that encourage instructors to work collaboratively, increase creativity in planning, and engages students in the immediate world around them as we assist them in developing the necessary critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that they will need in their academic careers here at Loyola, and their professional lives beyond.

Supplementary Conversations: Alternative Readings for UCWR 110.doc

David Foster Wallace Kenyon 2005 Speech.pdf

Alan Lightman 'The Accidental Universe'‌.pdf