Loyola University Chicago

Environmental Services

Lab Safety Committee

Membership (appointed by the Associate Vice President for Research Services with approval from the Provost):

Biology: Chris Calderaro
Chemistry: Daniel Becker
Natural Science: Chris Peterson
Physics: Aleksander Goltsiker
Fine Arts Representative: Vacant
Research Services:  Andrew Ellis, Chair
Facilities Management: William Curtin

Charge: The Lab Safety Committee is a faculty/staff committee serving as a liaison between the academic programs involved with laboratory research and instruction and the university's Safety Manager. The Committee will work with the Safety Manager to insure the safe operation of laboratories at Loyola's Lakeside campuses for instruction and research. Among the tasks to be covered by the Committee are: developing, adapting (from outside regulatory and compliance agencies), and communicating standards and policies governing proper laboratory safety; developing methods for training faculty/staff/students on proper safety in laboratories; developing and implementing processes for proper inventorying of chemicals and other items used in laboratories; providing for inspections of laboratories to insure that they are meeting safety standards and procedures; and developing and communicating to the Loyola community at large an awareness of lab safety at the Lakeside campuses.

Committee Recommendations: Operational recommendations of the Committee will be made to the Associate Provost for Research and/or the Vice President for Facilities.

Policy recommendations will be made to the appropriate University Policy Committee, most likely the Research Policy Committee.