Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Responsibility and Control


  • Function as the highest level of authority.


  • Determine viability of continued academic programming and classroom instruction.
  • Decide what if any academic programming and classroom instruction should be canceled or modified.
  • Make decision and determine timeline for resumption of any canceled or modified academic programming and classroom instruction.

Senior Vice President for University Administration

  • Declare a campus emergency and close the University when required.
  • Notify the Emergency Response Team (Tab 2) and activate Emergency Operations Center.
  • Control the emergency operation.
  • Establish priorities for use of personnel and resources.
  • Authorize deviations of procedures for implementing the Emergency Response Plan.
  • Assign Incident Commander.
  • Oversee the operation of the Emergency Operations Center.

Department of Campus Safety

  • Secure the emergency/disaster area and conduct emergency actions to minimize danger to persons and/or property.
  • Notify city and/or county emergency response agencies (e.g., CPD, fire department) apprising them of the situation and requesting their assistance.
  • Notify appropriate University officials on the Emergency Notification Roster (Tab 1), apprising them of the situation and requesting appropriate assistance.
  • Direct and coordinate University resources to respond to the emergency until relieved by the Assigned Incident Commander.

Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance (FOM)

  • Conduct emergency fire suppression, evacuation, and rescue efforts as needed. * Conduct damage assessments.
  • Direct crews to clear debris, make temporary repairs, secure utilities, and restore services.
  • Determine safety of buildings, and recommend building/facility closure.
  • Assess damage to water and sewer systems to determine possible contamination.
  • Direct efforts to control hazardous material and determine status of radioactive and/or chemical materials.
  • Coordinate clean-up operations.

Residence Life

  • Coordinate and handle emergency feeding for students, staff, faculty, and volunteer workers.
  • Determine the number of students who will require emergency shelter and coordinate their relocation to suitable emergency shelters located on and off campus.
  • Coordinate and manage emergency shelter operations.
  • Provide a current listing of resident students by location to Student Development and University Marketing and Communication.

Dean of Students Office

  • Coordinate and establish a 24 hour telephone hot line to respond to inquiries from parents and relatives.
  • Organize student volunteers (as a last resort) for operational use during the emergency.
  • Notification to Academic Deans regarding student status.
  • Coordinate students' personal and academic needs.

University Marketing and Communication

  • Develop and issue internal communications relating to the emergency.
  • Establish a Media Center in proximity to the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Identify and brief appropriate spokesperson.
  • Develop and issue appropriate communications.
  • Plan and execute news briefings for media, as needed.
  • Provide information to the print and electronic media.

Business and Financial Services

  • Handle emergency purchases and coordinate the distribution of supplies.
  • Determine what non-campus equipment and personnel will be required and arrange for contract services.
  • Initiate a records-keeping system for all expenditures.

Information Technology Services

  • Install and activate telephones, faxes, and computers in the Emergency Operations Center and Media Center - as required.
  • Coordinate restoration of telephones, faxes, and computers campus wide.
  • In coordination with Student Affairs establish a phone bank for 24 hour emergency hot lines.
  • In coordination with University Marketing and Communication, update Internet Home Page.
  • Be prepared to provide laptops and cell phones.

Human Resources

  • Determine status of campus work force and establish a procedure for shift assignments for all campus staff to include staff working 24 hours straight.
  • Schedule times to relieve crews on duty.
  • Coordinate and organize a "personnel pool" of available volunteers.
  • Coordinate EAP debriefing for employees, as needed.

University Ministry and Mission Integration

  • Assist medical personnel in attending to the injured.
  • Notify parents and relatives of serious injury or death.
  • Coordinate spiritual and pastoral counseling services as needed during and following a crisis.

Civic Engagement

  • Coordinate with city and county officials for emergency support services, as needed.
  • Inform the city of our availability of resources in case of a disaster or major emergency in one of the communities around our campuses.

Wellness Center

  • Coordinate psychological services for students affected by the crisis, both during and following the event.
  • Handle injured or deceased persons until they can be evacuated to an appropriate medical facility.
  • Direct medical response for injured persons.